Give Chronotron an amount of time you need to spend, and it will provide you just the right amount of content.


Search YouTube.com for interesting videos

Test your knowledge and learn fun facts with trivia questions

Discover new music with an auto-generated Spotify playlist,

Find a trail or park to take in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.


“There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want.” 


The Kickoff


Working in a group of 5 developers and me allowed us to create something expansive. We wanted to generate customized content for the user so they can  spend their time wisely. 



With only 5 days to work, we had to come up with a fun interface that would allow the user to enjoy their down time. We came up with a home page that would be simple to understand, and even easier to enjoy. 


Paper Prototyping

I quickly tested the Chronotron interface with users to see how navigatable our side would be. I discovered users had trouble with…

  • Navigating; they wanted the ability to select other pages after selecting an option. 

  • Adopting; they had trouble investing time on a function that they could achieve through other sites such as Spotify and YouTube. 

  • Using; selecting from limited list/facets for focused searches.



Some other takeaways included adding a more friendly interface. For this, we developed the Chronotron bot. Robotron is a friendly personality that would interact with the user, giving on-boarding tutorials,  and delivering friendly error messages. 


Clickable Prototype


Discovering the users habits:

  • For music, Users were overwhelmed by the multitude of choice. 

  • The verbiage for videos wasn’t clear enough. Things such as “short/medium/large” facets for the videos were confusing for Users.

  • The Users enjoyed having the side bar navigation. By having an option to switch categories whenever they wanted, users navigated the site with ease. 

  • There were too many steps in getting started. Users would have to select three different constraints, so we simplified the choices. 


Proto Persona

Because of time constraints, I developed a porto-persona to try and encapsulate who is using Cronotron, and what possibly could motivate them to use our site. 


Final Launch

Within 4 days

  • Over 7 user tests were conducted

  • Three iterations of the site were made

  • I created a proto persona for strategic story telling 

  • We developed a fully functioning Chrome extension


Next Steps

  • Users would like a way to track how much time has been spent on each activity.

  • Users would like guidance if they don't know what they want to do, or what to search videos for.

  •  Additional topics would be great, as well as the ability to customize the home page for your favorite categories.