The power of imagination makes you infinite.
— John Muir

Ben Frates

I am a team player, motivator, and a highly effective communicator. I make meaningful and expedient progress, I lead the charge in user research and SME/user interviews, and I think big constantly. I always push myself to achieve more, I'm upbeat, I keep my team smiling, and I never shy away from difficult tasks-big or small.


Who Am I?


I’m a passionate designer who focuses on creating quality work with a high attention to detail. I pride myself on my ability to work fast, generate a wide variety of high quality solutions, and develop multiple concepts quickly that are based on user test feedback. I’m known for being a team player who is flexible and open to different ways of designing, discussing, and presenting work. I have an enthusiasm for learning new design tools and processes, new technical areas, and better ways to get things done. I’m not afraid to ask questions and seek understanding. I'm willing to challenge assumptions and explore numerous angles before deciding on the best design for the job. I practice, almost obsessively, a user-centered design approach in my work. To sum me up, I am an open-minded, creative, and self-critical designer who seeks to improve everything I put my mind to. 



Graphics Design.png

 I’ll start by saying that I have a professional understanding of visual design, its capabilities including composition, layout information hierarchy, typography, and color. I am fluent in best practices for information architecture and interaction design, as well as the user-centered design process, and a strong knowledge of user experience principles and techniques. I pride myself in having strong time management skills and the ability to be self-directed when necessary. I have solid written and verbal communication skills with the ability to present a strong rationale for design decisions. My past experience with scientific digital technologies, payment products, consumer goods, media, and e-commerce makes me a valuable asset to any team I find myself in. I employ user-centric design methods to produce thoughtful user experience elements that are extensible across multiple platforms. I have a powerful ability to work creatively which has served me well while working around design limitations. I exhibit creativity and sound judgment; I always keep the user experience at the forefront of my work. I’m consistently looking to identify opportunities for improvement and incorporate advancements in UX technology, methods, and tools. 




I have a professional skillset in Sketch with a competency in the Adobe Products (Photoshop, Illustrator). I’ve developed expertise in designing a range of prototypes with a variety of tools such as Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Axure, Balsamiq, Bootstrap, Keynote, and InVision. I have the ability to prototype rapidly from paper, hand-coded HTML/JavaScript, Axure, Marvel, and more. I have formal and personal training in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I also have a comfortable familiarity with current design and technology trends, as well as the nuances of iOS, Android, and Responsive Web platforms.


I AM A...


T-Shaped Designer

My ability to perform all research related tasks in the research project lifecycle makes me a strong candidate for positions of understanding. I have a talent in eliciting potent data and extracting meaningful insight. I strive to discover user needs and expectations through interviews, surveys, and test plans that lead to intelligent design decisions.

From creating test plans, writing screener surveys, recruiting users, scheduling users, moderating tests, creating video clip highlights, presenting top line results, creating research findings summaries, as well as effectively presenting and sharing results are competencies and strengths of my approach to UX. Further experience spans end to end design, from concept, white boarding, wireframing, testing, iterating, prototyping, visual design to a final polished product.

Team Player


I work closely with the Product Design Team to build and maintain asset libraries (UI kits, UX flows, design templates, iconography, self-populating APIs, etc.), and to help explore and understand tools and workflows that increase efficiency and quality of our design. I give and receive open and honest feedback in order to continually raise the bar. I strive to always be an open and collaborative team member, and to always bring fun and smiles to every team that I’m on. I have a passion for design and my ability to effectively share my point of view and expertise with project team members has always served me well. I have extensive experience in communicating and effectively influencing a diverse set of highly functional teams. I also have professional experience managing over 20 researchers. I am always quick to share my research results with my team. I am always looking to help Project Managers assess and prioritize opportunities/constraints based on knowledge acquired from my research. Using iterative feedback loops, I work to develop and maintain visual identity systems; I find comfort in high energy work environments including lean systems.